Pilar López is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker and international author, recognized in the world of Coaching and personal development for her motivational, transgressive and creative presentations. She is currently the host on SBS radio for her own personal growth program "Ask Pilar". As Founder of Business Coaching Inspiracional, she leads business programs to enhance human talent and motivation. As an Expert in INSPIRATION, she is a master teacher of processes of change and personal empowerment.

Pilar López instructs using high impact motivation techniques and is an NLP Master (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She is a great Communicator and Listener, actively involved in the support of the most vulnerable groups, She regularly presents seminars for foundations and NGOs..

As a motivational speaker she gets up close and personal with your audience, capturing their minds and conquering hearts.
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Pilar López offers motivational conferences based on "The triad of the three", to Teach, to Entertain and to Thrill, her aim is to improve the organisation of companies and groups at working level, via productivity, or inter personal relationships, increasing motivation. A motivational Conference is an opportunity to look at life with new eyes and grow personally, for our own benefit and within our environment.

Fresh motivation generates a desire of overcome stagnant problems, it is the force that leads each to take action in for positive change. It is often the necessary component which encourages involvement and commitment.

Who will benefit from a Motivatinal Conference with Pilar López?

- Motivational conferences for Organizations that support people in situations of vulnerability
- Motivational conferences for Corporations, Associations and NGOs
- Motivational conferences for Business-oriented enterprises
- Motivational conferences for the educational field

"Inspire means showing new worlds"
Pilar L. Cárdenas
"I had the fortune of fail.
My reward was to learn how to reinvent myself
and it showed me that I am much more than my successes"

Pilar L. Cárdenas
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Available conferences: After a Motivational Conference with Pilar López participants leave with more optimism, full of energy and with practical, effective tools that guide them towards their goals. She reinforces the teaching backed with the values and messages of your company or institution.

This experience will generate an opportunity to open one's mind, leading to positive changes in the attitude of the audience.

It will enhance the perspective and self-confidence of the participants, building motivation and compounding learning for personal and professional success.

"How To Create An Amazing Life", is the result of a passion for life and belief in the ability of human beings to build stories, filled with sense and with purpose.

In this book you will find the essential tool kit everyone needs to carry in their backpack, allowing you to enjoy a full life, grow your self knowledge, motivation and applied wisdom, everything you need when you truly desire attaining your goals and dreams.

"How To Create An Amazing Life", is a useful reference in the world of Business, for Foundations that support those who are vulnerable, Educational Institutions and anyone who wants to get ahead.

This inspiring book represents, and transmits an idea: We are all great magicians, heroes with the power and the magic needed to live the life we deserve, an amazing life.

This same book has inspired the Author to create a Motivational Keynote that bears the same title.

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"Pilar is a great Speaker and Master of opening perspectives which are highly effective. She motivates positive change. I have no doubts in recommending her work to find safety and personal motivation in all areas"motivation in all areas"

"Pilar has given us an incredible Motivational Conference, reinforcing the message of the importance of "teamwork". It stalled in all attendees. It has been an absolute success, definitely recommend it"