“You think that you understand the situation, But what they don't understand is that the situation just changed”

“The last thing they realize the fish is that are within the water”

“Everybody likes innovation until they affect them, then they are bad”

“Unless the beliefs and values change, new processes will not work”

“The change is an opportunity, not a threat”

” The only thing constant in the change”

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you don't do the twist”

“Face tomorrow with yesterday's methods is to risk the same reason live today”

“Permanence is an illusion, only the change is real. It is impossible to bathe twice in the same river”

“The routine kills”

“If you want to get something new do something different”

“If not to prepare to ride the wave of change, It will pass over you”

“A company is like a bike… you move or you fall”

“Whenever you see someone more successful than your, thinks that he is doing something different from what you do your”

“When it is the need for change, less speaks of the and most”

“In times of change, those who are prepared to learn will inherit the Earth, While those who think they already know, you will find beautifully prepared to deal with a world that no longer exists”

“Without tension, There is no movement”

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