Don't be a brick in the wall!!

"Great spirits have always found great opposition in the minds of the mediocre"

TO. Einstein

There are many laws, rules, standards, guns that meet. You belong to a world where the clock strikes the same hours for all at the same time, where some determine what is right and where the rest comes in the box designed for it.

That light that you are born, called creativity, It is eagerly awaited by those who "know" which is the intensity with which you must shine.

Where the law does not judge you, the society is in charge!

If you're a single mother in a small town, no shortage of finger pointing you.

If you decide to be a Bohemian in a lineage of lawyers, There will always be who criticizes you your bad decision.

If you bet by going in jeans at a gala party, looks will make you know that you have the wrong 'box'.

Those who dare to come out of the row, take a step to the front and hang up his uniform, they are as threatening as admired!

Don't be a brick in the wall. Glued with cement from the ideas of others, aligned with what is expected of you, rigid and inflexible to bear the burden of the values and beliefs of the rest, getting lost in the immensity and giving up your own identity.

You're only, and responsible for protecting and nurturing that genuineness that has been granted to you by nature. Dare to think about what you want to say and to tell all what you think, to respect your dreams as a gentleman respects an oath, to look in the eye they say who from the wall which is your place and respond with the pride of a warrior, that there is no place for those who are free from mind and heart!.

Only those who accept the challenge, betting on your talent, they get the difference.

Only those who do different things are leaders of their life and mirror where others can take a look and find the inspiration to follow the same reflection!

Delete the label that identifies you with a serial number, which assumes forms part and write your own story!

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