The story of Jaume Soler and Mercè Conangla applied

A book of tales and stories of emotional ecology,.”They have always seduced us stories, the anecdotes, the stories, Tales and Fables. We love hearing the sound of their secrets. For us they are keys that open doors and windows in our minds and broaden our view of the world; These are questions thrown as seeds in the depths of our inner; bridges that unite our minds, our heart and our soul; medicines without side effects, amplifying emotional vitamins from our senses.” With these words, the authors present us apply the story, a compendium of stories and anecdotes, framed in emotional ecology, addressed to all those who have chosen to be part of the solution and not the problem. Discover our destination and essence, assume the responsibility of being and action are stages of a journey that you can do with this book, If so wish. These stories are intended to move to reflect, to explore and, above all, lead to a more intelligent action, harmonic and ecological.

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